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Gorgeous Hand Crafted Furniture for Home Decoration

Pearl Handicrafts

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Pearl Handicrafts is the leading manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler, exporter and trader of handicrafts, interior decoration and furniture products in India. We, at pearl handicrafts, are specialists in manufacturing and sourcing teak wood carved furniture, white metal furniture, furniture bone, Indian jali furniture and furniture painted with attractive textures, flowers and creature drawings.

We all are aware of the fact That furniture plays an Important role in defining the look of our home interiors. Elegant hand crafted beautifully carved or ethnic furniture products can hugely impact the periphery of an Indian home giving it a rich, traditional and eye-catching outlook.


Pearl Handcrafts is an online store of Indian ethnic products offering high quality furniture chairs, sofa sets, doors, beds, swings, dining tables, center and side tables, daybeds furniture and various other products for indoor as well outdoor decorating requirements. Manufactured by extremely skilled craftsmen & artists, These are absolutely stunning master pieces of teak, metal, silver and wood furniture Which products are manufactured using the best raw materials.

Here's a list of products we can supply furniture for home decorating variant requirements.


Carved Doors:

Doors are a part of home and building interiors since the ages as entry access controllers. Not only do they check the access of people into a building, but if used in a proper way, They can uplift the interiors Simple past of the building as well. Hand carved doors With the touch of Indian artistic designs are truly a sight to see. Our polished teak wood carved doors are the extraordinary pieces of polished elegance with Highest quality polishing materials for smoothest and weather proof finish. They are best suitable for homes, offices, villas and all kinds of indoor theme based decorating needs.


Carved Wooden Temple:

It's an age old tradition in Indian homes To have a pooja mandir or temple in home for deity worship. At Pearl handicrafts, we know the values of Indians attached With Their Pooja mandirs and HENCE, source out durable, sturdy and beautifully carved wooden temples . Made from the best teak wood and extravagance of fine hand carvings, These are the best Indian pooja mandirs That Can Enhance your home or office interiors.


Wooden Beds:

Beds are the Most Important elements defining the home interiors. Pearl Handicrafts sources the best quality wooden beds made from soild Treated wood and seasoned teak. These beds are the resemblances of the age-old Rajasthani royal beds of the old palaces or havelis. Built with durability and elegance in mind, These wooden beds offer a blend of style and comfort to the users. These are available in custom designs, vivid colors, grains and harnesses to meet the inside completely customized requirements of Indian decorating homes.


Wooden Swings:

The magnificent and sleek swings or jhulas found in Indian homes Represent luxur. Palced in verandahs or outer areas of the home, They offer good sightseeing in the outside world right from home and HENCE, are Often Utilized by the members of the home for pleasure and relaxation. At Pearl Handicrafts, we source out the ultimate quality wooden swings Widely Known for Their expert craftsmanship and durability. Designed for customized requirements, These are available in plethora of designs, sizes and materials as well.


Carved Teak Tables and Sofa Sets:

Tables and sofa sets are inside the Most Important elements of the living rooms of any home and HENCE, When selected with care can truly uplift your home interiors to the next level. At Peral Handicrafts, We provide amazing collection of carved teak sofa-sets and tables in customized sizes and exquisite designs to suit your best interiors. Seasoned With Different Processes and ultimate quality raw materials, These Are the furniture sturdy and highly reliable products can light up your That interiors for the years to come.

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